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 Camera Obscura on Songs of Year List

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PostSubject: Camera Obscura on Songs of Year List   Camera Obscura on Songs of Year List EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 12:00 pm

Hi everyone, I'm a writer for the site Spectrum Culture. We are currently running a feature that revisits the best songs of the year. Camera Obscura made the list. I'm posting the link here, as I believe that users of this forum will enjoy reading this piece and once again discussing and debating the merits of the song.

All comments and critiques via replies to this posting are welcome.

To the forum administrators: As this posting is strictly Camera Obscura-related and hopefully will prompt discussion on this forum, I hope that you will allow this posting. We at Spectrum Culture believe the band's fans will enjoy it greatly. Thanks for your consideration.
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Camera Obscura on Songs of Year List
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