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 peel back the COVERS, shall we?

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PostSubject: peel back the COVERS, shall we?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:58 pm

the news about the upcoming coversong put an idea in me head (uh oh!)... i started throwing together some of the tunes that CO has covered.. but not their versions - the originals... i also decided to put a few others on that the band either cite as influences for them or just their song/band picks (as per the "profile" section of the website)... some obvious selections like Lloyd Cole's tune and I chose Dory Previn's "Beware of Young Girls"... i guess its her response to being left by her hubby for mia farrow..
what else?.. oh yeah, i also tried to include all the band members selections but found i cant fit it all on one disc so i just removed one i didnt like so much.. i'll leave the full list up and let you choose yer own if ya see fit.
anywho, here dey are all wrapped up with a nice lil bow...
i must say, some of these i absolutely did not like prior to the CO cover but strangely they seem not-as-bad now... is that weird? like ol Rod for instance... and a few of them have really rekindled my interest in the artist again like Carole King... mum had her record, i got a tape in the 80s sometime and never upgraded it to cd (or vinyl) and basically, never listened to her again until that radio spot Tracyanne had with her mum last year where they talked of artists who bridge the generation gap... an there are the artists who i never listened to at all but did the googlin to find out about like Can and Real Estate... hope ya enjoy and support the ones ya do like! Rolling Eyes
an here's the tracklist...
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PostSubject: Re: peel back the COVERS, shall we?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:07 pm

listened to carole king quite a lot this week....also listening to red,red rose today...what a great song...ta tony i`ll have some of this............
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PostSubject: Re: peel back the COVERS, shall we?   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:55 pm

they really should cover ABBA's "Happy New Year" sometime. It would make setlists pretty confusing!
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PostSubject: Re: peel back the COVERS, shall we?   

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peel back the COVERS, shall we?
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