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 happy new year 2019

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happy new year 2019 Empty
PostSubject: happy new year 2019   happy new year 2019 EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 10:13 am

All the best everyone for the new year, its going to be interesting with bowlie 3 and stuff, I hope there will be some warm up shows if not across the the UK then at least in Glasgow. Many of you will catch a tracyanne& Danny show stateside. Interesting reading regarding the implosion of HMV on twitter and tracyanne's reaction and how she feels about the industry, i have touched on this before on here but she wanted to make it perfectly clear her feelings on the subject. Last time I spoke to her was in Paris, it is really important to buy tickets, albums and merchandise to support the bands who make the music you love. Have a great year, will i see anyone on the ship, it is expensive but every ten years god willing, big love xxx
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happy new year 2019
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