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 mr and mrs campbell-davidson

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PostSubject: mr and mrs campbell-davidson   mr and mrs campbell-davidson EmptySat Jul 16, 2016 12:41 pm

What are we gonna do now? Okay,so tracyanne got married,its okay..breathe easy don't panic. They are stateside it seems and obviously combined a trip with a wedding,nice and quite the thing for gene. So,what happens now, do they meander down to tucker and Laura's,with the arl "we were just passing,have a listen to this" or do they head home back to "normality". The cambell-davidsons I feel, from what I've read would love to Portland or some such, the logistics of the band known as the great band camera obscura(the Glasgow one and not that other mob) Its very much up in the air I feel and this is only my take on it at best a guess. I dont think we will see the band again, we know it will never be the dame without Carey, even though she was a relative late comer,she was still very much part of the sound and look of the band, as well as being a big part of the live show. The seeming lack of interest in the band in the UK as mentioned very recently may also hold a clue....the albums ate made,the songs are there, I am so glad I made my way to Hebden bridge, but what now? Lets hope the campbell-davidsons start releasing soon, school uniforms aren't cheap and I for one will always support any output,good,bad,indifferent...congratulations on the wedding,here's to many happy years
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mr and mrs campbell-davidson
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