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PostSubject: NAE GLASTO!   NAE GLASTO! EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 4:21 pm

So I tweeted the band to ask why they are not at Glasto. They replied *blushes* to say that they never got an invite!

Someone who knows about such things should start a petition to get Eavis attention!

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PostSubject: Re: NAE GLASTO!   NAE GLASTO! EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 7:44 pm

i would hate to see them at glastonbury,they are too"big"to be playin tents(they did that in the video pastiche of"nuts in may" )was watchin daughter from glastonbury on an outside stage but even though the sound has improved its never great,the exposure would be great though and there may be a chance of a love fest at the front....i have never been to glastonbury and the few out door things i have seen have been quite poor...even bowie at milton keynes 83?,i was kinda embarressed to be there,anyways its just further evidence of how the band are over looked here but they know that......and ithink they likes of SXSW has more credibility that glastonbury,as far as i`m concerned...we enjoyed about 8 years of ATP but thats tailed off now,we are hopin to get to the next mergefest,the biggest stage i`ve seen them on was either bowlie 2 or leamington spa....i was about to say the stages seemed to big for them but they did okay,i know they`ll hate this and i wish them massive success but they are fantastic in smaller places......i just hope the album sells and someone latches on so they get a cash influx....daughter who i mentioned before,are playing the anglican cathedral in liverpool,lambchop are playing the minute kazimier....i think venue size dont matter so much these days as thats well and truly on its head....lookin forward to both shows immensly...waiting patiently for the album...cant mentioned a single would be nice,even a 12" or 10" would be better...........
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