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 Old Interview LunaPark6 2007

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Old Interview LunaPark6 2007 Empty
PostSubject: Old Interview LunaPark6 2007   Old Interview LunaPark6 2007 EmptyThu Feb 04, 2010 9:26 pm

Probably been seen here before but like the bit about ATFWCG - We nearly never got it No Very Happy

TAC amazes me with her taste in music sometimes, especially when she namechecks all the 80's mainstream bands that float her boat. I suppose you can't beat a good tune, but these bands were really uncool at the time, and I doubt if most of the masses from that era even think about Belinda Carlisle now. Regardless of being cool or uncool, I knew about BC's past with the GoGo's, and the punk roots of this US all girl band, so it was no trouble for me in 1987, as a 17 year old music obsessed teen, buying Heaven on Earth LP on 33rpm vinyl, recording it onto a Metaloxide c90 (best for sound quality at the time) and playing it on rotation on my personal stereo - the size of a chunky building brick btw Very Happy But hell, I was the man of the times with this shiny new Ipod in '87 ha !Student Grant blown, and the start of my life of personal HIFI bankruptcies - don't worry..... the kid still got fed...

...occasionally..... Cool

I jest !


LP6 : Hello Tracyanne how is the current tour going?

Tracyanne : We’ve pretty much been touring since January so I guess we’re a little tired. We’re in Berlin just now which is nice to play again. We’ve been playing new places like France and Belgium which is exciting. It’s going well but I do look forward to a break from touring soon.

LP6 : What were some of the most memorable moments you had while on the U.S. leg of the tour?

Tracyanne : It was very nice having lunch at Chateau Marmont in L.A. I didn’t see anyone famous though. Of course the shows were great too, especially the one’s in places with interesting names, like Kalamazoo for example. Oh and we did have a brush with the law which was memorable.

LP6 : I’ve read that the audience for this tour are larger than past tours, does that make your band perform any differently?

Tracyanne : I don’t think so. It’s true our audience in the states is growing though.

LP6 : Thanks for keeping alive the cd single and vinyl single formats. The b-sides you have put out on your singles are always awesome. Any chance a collection of b-sides & unreleased material will be released?

Tracyanne : I hope we can release the b-side collection one day on CD, especially the stuff we put on vinyl for those people who no longer have a turn table.

LP6 : You’re releasing the 4th single (Tears For Affairs) from Let’s Get Out Of This Country soon in Europe. Is “Super Trouper” featured on the 7″ a cover of Abba or Deep Purple?

Tracyanne : The Abba version of course.

LP6 : I loved the track “Hands Up Baby” off of your “If Looks Could Kill” single. The lines you sang that went “I’ve had enough this time, give me back my boots you swine, it’s your fault you hate me” must have been a blast to sing! Could you tell us what it was like recording that track?

Tracyanne : It’s a song Kenny wrote. We recorded it in a small studio in Stockholm called Dubious. Actually it was a track that I had difficulty singing. The producer Jari made me sing it about ten times before he was satisfied.

LP6 : How was it like working with Victoria Bergsman as the director for the alternate video of Lloyd?

Tracyanne : Victoria and I are friends so it was nice having her involved. I remember she had trouble with the cold Glasgow weather though.

LP6 : I did get the chance to interview Victoria Bergsman a few months back and she mentioned one time where she accidentally punched you kind of hard. Do you remember that moment and if so tells us about that incident.

Tracyanne : Hmm, I’m sure we’ve both punched each other a few times accidentally but I don’t remember details. I do recall us having an arm wrestle though. She’s better at it than I am.

LP6 : This is more of a statement but hopefully you could expound on the idea. I’ve always liked your music. Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi and Underachievers had some great singles and I always thought your band was good. Yet with “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” and especially now that the album has had some months to age, I can’t help to gush out what an absolute killer album it is! From start to finish. What do you think inspired your band to make “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” and did your band do anything differently this time around?

Tracyanne : I think we’re just generally better at what we do these days and with this album we just wanted to prove it to everyone. We were ready to make the best album we could, and with the help of our producer we did it. We were very happy with how it turned out in the end.

LP6 : One thing I noticed with “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” is your band’s ability to go through time and revisit all these different era’s and styles, while still having a very modern up to date kind of feel. How would you reckon all these disparate sounds came about?

Tracyanne : We have a love of old music but of course don’t want to sound completely retro. That would be boring so it was important for us and our producer to make a record that had one step in the future as well as the past.

LP6 : You’ve probably been asked this a lot so far, but I’m curious and don’t know the answer myself, but how did the song “Lloyd Im Ready To Be Heartbroken” come about?”

Tracyanne : I’m a fan of the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions song “Are you ready to be heartbroken.” I guess I was imagining confiding in him in a way when writing my tune. He’s one of my favorite lyricists.

LP6 : You mention the state of Montana in the song Dory Previn and how after seeing that state nothing else matters. Was that based on a personal experience? Also how did you get into Dory Previn’s music?

Tracyanne : I had been quite down about a personal relationship. I had a moment of clarity about it while in Montana touring with the band. I was realising that there was plenty to appreciate and be happy about in life. One of them is having the pleasure of driving across the states seeing the most beautiful scenery while listening to Dory Previn and her perfect songs. I got into her music about 7 years ago when a friend of my father’s made me a compilation with the song “Lady with the Braid” on it.

LP6 : Which song on “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” was the most difficult song to make and why?

Tracyanne : “I Need All the Friends I Can Get” probably. It was the last song we recorded and we didn’t really have a strong arrangement until it came to actually recording it. In the end we just went for it. Jari (our producer) at one point said we had one more chance with it and he was switching the desk off. He was in the kitchen playing percussion I recall, and the rest of us were scattered around the room hoping for the best. We recorded the choir later at another studio.

LP6 : Are the lyrics primarily written by you?

Tracyanne : Yes, all of the lyrics on this record are written by me.

LP6 : When did you start playing music?

Tracyanne : Around the age of 19 I think. I was a late starter I guess.

LP6 : What plans so far do you have for the rest of this year?

Tracyanne : We have this European tour to finish and then we have an Irish tour. We’ll play festivals throughout the rest of the year. I hope we can make a new album in the autumn though. It’s the perfect season for music making I think.

LP6 : Do you enjoy being a public figure or have you encountered any downsides to that fact?

Tracyanne : I’m not sure I’d describe myself as a public figure. I rarely get any bad attention from being in the band, well not from the public at least.

LP6 : Where was the most unexpected place that you have been recognized as the singer for Camera Obscura?

Tracyanne : My postman once came to the door and said he saw me in a newspaper. That was weird.

LP6 : What bands do you listen to that people would not normally expect you would listen to?

Tracyanne : Lot’s I would think: George Michael, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, UB40. I don’t know. Put it this way, I certainly don’t sit at home listening to the best of c86 like most people think I do.

LP6 : Last question…Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to – agree or disagree?

Tracyanne : Agree. The sooner one conquers ones shyness the better. I should know.

LP6 :Thank you very much, cheers…
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Old Interview LunaPark6 2007 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old Interview LunaPark6 2007   Old Interview LunaPark6 2007 EmptyFri Feb 05, 2010 2:10 am

pretty neat interview... never seen it afore - thanks for that! i agree about the candor of it and the name droppin of mainstream 80s that i was very much a part of too.. wham, culture club, billy friggin joel - damn, i liked all that at one time i guess so its still kind of takes me back to that time. Heaven on Earth was on a mix tape i bought and i loved that tune - never did get her albums tho. i was too into Huey Lewis i guess! well, i'd say embarassing but i am a firm believer that no-one should feel "embarrassed" about the music ya like.. if it makes you dance, smile or hum - it cant be all bad eh?! the heart of rock n roll (and pop!) is still beatin....
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Old Interview LunaPark6 2007
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