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 colorama-good music

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PostSubject: colorama-good music   colorama-good music EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 9:59 pm

okay,weve been fans of these for a while,their first 3 albums are a mixture of english/and their native welsh...spacious,folky,tuneful,melodic stuff,we loved it and fantastic live,especially when they played to 7 of us at birkenhead priory,the bout a month ago we went to see them at the tivoli,in buckley...i wasn`t bowled oved,they had the bassist from "the bees" playin and the were rockin out some,at times indulgent..hmm i thought i`m not sure.....then i bought this album,good music and lived with it a while,then we saw them at the castle,oldham street manchester...all of a sudden it clicked...this is an amazing cross genre offering...and it soon get inside your skin...fantastic stuff,buy,download...or play it a few times through whatever medium you use.......
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colorama-good music
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