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 when was the last time you listened to maudlin?

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PostSubject: when was the last time you listened to maudlin?   Tue May 31, 2011 4:15 am

this past weekend did a bit of a marathon whilest i cleaned the house and garage.. popped in my complete disco of CO first with albums and then with singles n eps... still dont have enough of them tho... but what a great collection... honestly, i dont think maudlin has been out of the triple disc player for more than a few days since we got it.. can't ever seem to get enough of it. it just brings a grin to my face and i cant help but sing along often (an pester my poor neighbours with somewhat less than stellar singing! a lot less..) As Paul had said sometime earlier, its the different layers to the tunes that get me.. i think saturday i was focused on lee's drummin.. fantastic, flawless drumming.. i love the deep resonance in away with murder most i think..
so how often have you listened to maudlin? and has it surpassed LGOOTC in your books? enquirin minds...
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when was the last time you listened to maudlin?
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