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 i need all the friends i can get....

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PostSubject: i need all the friends i can get....   Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:07 am

must have too much time on my hands today,realised in the last thread even though mentioning the band didn`t take into account the other members of the group,anyways the point to make,fran is busy all the time by the looks of things...not to say he doesn`t spend as much time mananging the band,it must be tricky though....the scene seems to be multi talented,so many fingers,so many pies....groups of a certain age,from my experience dont spend much time together out of hours,not that bands need to...when your young you just wanna play,3,4 times a week....all things flow,the dynamics in all bands are different,this band seem to be quite close,i`ve seen that...big gang of brothers and sisters lookin out for each other,which is a great place to be,but all must have their own interpretation of how things should be,or progressing......for all the beautiful songs given/written...tracyanne makes no secret that it their job as well,and source of waters the songs down none,she doesn`t spew them out for profit or most song writers...question them,they dont know where the songs came from.....maybe i was being used as a vessel? there it is,its written....then the words get a soul through voila....on to the next....what i`m tryin to say i suppose it friendship means more than pretty much anythin...parents,friend,lover.....its about the folk isn`t it.....the wait,waiting for somethin to happen...enjoy the spring..

and i hope,your happy now..........
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i need all the friends i can get....
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