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 happy christmas obscuraphiles......

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PostSubject: happy christmas obscuraphiles......   Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:31 pm

all the best good folks,its bin a quiet year i think with the band busy tourin most of it,but not so much these fair shores....hopefully they have boosted profile and sales because of is art,but also has to put food on the table,a lot of great artists never got to see finiacial rewards in their lifetime.....for their hard work and hours of obscura remain the single most important band to me,for numerous reasons......lets hope next year goes in the same direction as this.....obviously just after bowlie i/we got a little spoilt,but waited a long time to see them live again,and soundin hope you all have a great christmas and new year....lookin forward to welcomin some newbies next year to our jolly gang.....the sites still goin like,cant be a bad thing........
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PostSubject: Re: happy christmas obscuraphiles......   Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:33 pm

thanks Graeme! Merry Christmas to you too! it has been a relatively quiet year but only as far as releases go.. i'm just glad i got to see them this year ...almost twice if i had made it to the ice cream social a little earlier pale i think that their exposure is increasing - i know i see maudlin in almost any music store now.. still don't see much of the back catalogue though (weird to think of LGOOTC as "back catalogue").. i've already recruited a few fans as well and will have a carload the next time they come to canada or northern us.. 09 had a gazillion radio sessions and i saw them twice and probably couldve seen them a coupla more times if i had the funds to travel a bit further.. that was probably all cause maudlin was new and fresh.. once they fire out some more tunes, i'm sure they'll have stations banging down the doors again.. it really looks like it was an exhausting year for them and i hope that they get some good down time and re-energize and grace us with their shows soon in 2011..
graeme wrote: obscura remain the single most important band to me,for numerous reasons...
i couldnt have said it better..
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happy christmas obscuraphiles......
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