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 Barrowland setlist and thoughts

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PostSubject: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:29 pm

Hi All,

Just home from the gig.
My Maudlin Career, Swans , Teenager, Keep It Clean, Sweetest Thing, French Navy, 80's Fan, James, Honey In The Sun,Tears For Affairs, Lets Get Out Of This Country, Lloyd, If Looks Could Kill.
Tougher Than The Rest, Come Back Margeret, Razzle Dazzle Rose

Highlights for me Keep It Clean back in the set, Tracyanne sporting a poppy , my request for Park & Ride being laughed at by the band, my favourite song of the night though was James amazingly sung.

Maybe I'm gettin old but the people who talk through every song they don't know really annoy me now,

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PostSubject: Re: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:40 am

If you're getting old then I'm really screwed. They annoy the hell out of me...
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PostSubject: Re: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:52 am

I'm with you Paul.There were two couples together just behind me and it's not as though we were at the back near the bars, I was fairly near the front. The audience was large and really great apart from these four constantly talking about all sorts of crap. Other folk must have been a bit annoyed but said nothing. It's not the first or last time I've done it but three songs in I turned to them and politely told them to 'Shut the fuck up' which to their credit did just that. A minor blip on a fantastic night. I, as my wee pal greame would say I am a lurker on here ie I come on most days to see what's going on with the band etc. but don't post as I huvnae got much to say.
What I do have to say is tonight the audience was brilliant and the patter between Tracy- Anne was great, from her granny being at the bingo instead of seeing her, to the cheer that went up when she mentioned a drink served at a certain hostelry...... ' That got a bigger cheer than for us'. It takes two to tango and if you are on your own turf, a home game if you like and it happens to be Glasgow you are going to get banter as I've seen with my favorite band when playing in Liverpool. Cannae beat it.
The first thing I noticed when the band came on was Tracy-Anne was the only one wearing a poppy, not that I would expect to see relative youngsters wearing one but it did make me notice.
As for the music, utterly sublime.The girls in the string quartet were great and the band genuinely looked glad to be home after what Tracy-Anne said has been constantly touring. I thought there was a wee bit wearness in her voice when she said that. Anyway there was no weariness in that performance tonight.

Plus a Springsteen cover for goodness sake. Tremendous.

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PostSubject: Re: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:28 am

ta for the reports back from barras...........carey more than hints at the all round exhaustion on twitter......they all must be feelin it by now,and then its back to europe and then the states.....summits gotta give,i mean yeah,i know this is one gigantic push,and may long term set themselves up for a short while,a little house somewhere to call home......but i`m really worried about the cost of all this on the band,,,as we are aware they strived for at least 10 years before gettin noticed really....and what kind of dent they`ve made on todays"scene"remains to be answered...the crowds are getting bigger by the looks...this is their income,with some only leaving employment quite recently to give it the full shot....anyways i really hope they get some time out soon,its enough to drive ya mental i`m sure.....anyways..thank you for the music.....right now i need it as much as most..i`m sure they were given quite the home coming..i hope tracyanne`s nan won the bingo.......the lost years may be a problem.....

bingo masters breakout-the fall

dont think DrK will apprieciate my concern about the band and like,ah well.....where is he by the way.................

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PostSubject: Re: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:49 am

yeah thanka for all the reviews! i've said it before but it must be amazin to see em in their home turf...a strings section?! aw man - too lucky.. and i am with you about burning tour after tour out.. on the one hand, a tour is the only way i get to see em but i dont want them to crack-up from all the travel eether... setlist looks decent enough and yea i hope Keep It clean stays for toronto. seeing them with some scot banter an all would be an experience - gotta get me overseas someday!
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PostSubject: Re: Barrowland setlist and thoughts   

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Barrowland setlist and thoughts
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